The Maba Design Philosophy

The designs at Maba Décor focus on the end consumer; that is translating your design philosophy into world class fabrics. You feel most at home when you’ve felt the embroidery against your fingers, the softness of the fabric and the warmth of it wrapped around you.

Our designers visualise these elements; of what makes any home your home. With a vision to create aesthetic looking spaces, our designers constantly research global trends and luxury fashions. Maba Décor Designs are the inspirations of our talented designers interpreted in fabric and made a reality with our top-notch production technologies in India.

Maba Décor designers are true futurists rendering the rich cultural heritage of India with a touch of modernity in home furnishings. Our production facilities allow Maba Décor to bring forth some exceptional craftsmanship from all over India; that adds ethnicity to our entire collection.


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