Delicately embellished hand embroidered fabrics which translate our rich heritage onto fabric.

India is the most hand-skilled country in the world, employing approximately 34.5 million artisans across the nation. The process of hand embroidery is intensive and time consuming which is why it is valued even more in the luxury industry.

The process of hand embroidery is intensive and time consuming which is why it is valued even more in the luxury industry. There are two methods of embroidery in India, the Zari and Aari. Zari takes longer than Aari and is hence more intensive.

Zardosi is the use of metal and related materials used to embellish textiles. Some of these metal embroideries have been introduced by the Portuguese during the 19th century. The word 'Zardozi' is made up of two Persian terms, Zar meaning gold, and Dozi meaning embroidery. All kinds of metallic embellishment, simple hand needle sown techniques are grouped under the term Zardozi. Zardozi is more time-consuming as every stitch takes time with a simple traditional needle.

‘Aari’ embroidery method uses a needle with a sharp pointy hook at one end. It is usually used to fill embroidery with chain stitches and for the use of sequence and beads. Aari needlework is faster because the thread is continuous as it is directly used from the spool and there is no need to cut a new thread or tie a knot every time

Today, fashion is getting more and more extravagant and dramatic. Every designer and couturier wants to successfully cement their standing in the industry and get recognized. Whether the creations are bold or restrained, traditional or revolutionary, simple or luxurious, these designers and couturiers would not exist without the arts and the crafts people such as embroiderers, lace makers, pleaters and so on.

Luxury brands and Couture relies on embroidery as one of the elements that adds value to product. It also gives the opportunity to create distinct and one of a kind experiences for the brand. With the changing methods and technology embroidery done by hand remains as the classic technique to work with material.

At MABA our expertise in hand embroidery encompasses both The Aari and the Zardosi work. Beads, pearls, sequins and more - delicate thread work or intricate Zardosi designs with stones, or modern designs with sequins - our crew of talented artists skilled in the art of hand embroidery can create magic on fabric!

Our expertise and experience of over two decades allows us to understand and custom make Hand Embroidery designs for our clients. We take pride in our ability to translate our customer’s vision onto fabrics to create the perfect garment!


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