MABA Décor’s skilled design and product development team of in-house are at the helm of our success. Our highly skilled technicians, creative designers, experienced tailors and masters are employed in our in-house manufacturing unit.

We also work with a select group of skilled vendors who are best suited to deliver for our international and domestic clients. All outsourced orders are supervised by our trained quality assurance and design specialists to ensure that each order is well executed.

Most of our products are customized and developed based on ideas/artworks and designs provided by our customers or from our archives. Ideas are executed on fabrics or garments using the relevant techniques.

Our talented team of designers work closely with clients and provide solutions as per customer requirements for customization - from recommending suitable fabrics to value addition to styling / pattern / size and shapes - to ensure the final product exceeds customer expectations!

Why MABA Décor?

We offer you a variety of creative products to complement
your target market and within budget.


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